Botany House Clusters

Health and Safety Guidelines

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Access to the building

In the interests of health and safety and the security of the building, all PGRs who wish to use the Botany House PGR cluster facilities must be registered. The access key pad code to the cluster rooms must not, under any circumstances, be circulated or passed to non-registered PGRs.

The Botany House facilities can be accessed on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis, except when the University is officially closed e.g. Easter, Christmas & other Public Bank Holidays.

Access to Botany House after hours, before 8.00am and after 6.00pm Monday to Friday, is gained through the use of electronic transponders fobs. If you require access to the PGR cluster facilities in the evenings or at weekends, please complete and return a 24 Hour Access Application Form and you will be issued a transponder.

Please ensure that the door has closed correctly upon your entrance to and exit from the facility.

Fire safety

Please ensure fire exits and staircases are not obstructed.

Switch off fans and heaters at the plug after you have finished using them, and shut down PCs.

Keep internal fire doors closed – most particularly when there is nobody in the room.

Do not open the emergency fire exit doors, unless there is a genuine emergency, or the security of the whole building will be compromised.

Close all windows when you leave the cluster room if there is no one else still studying.

Do not switch off lights when other people are working in the building.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.

In the event of a fire you should:

1. Raise the alarm (alarms are positioned throughout the facility).

2. Call security (number below)

3. Tackle the fire ONLY IF it is safe to do so (equipment is placed throughout the facility).

4. Evacuate

Fire Exits are well signposted throughout the building. In the event of fire, move quickly and calmly to the front entrance to exit the building.

The assembly point is immediately beyond the ramp outside of the front exit. The Fire Warden or Marshall will check that the building been fully evacuated after the sounding of the fire alarm. If there is time, the alarm should be raised by dialling ext. 32222.

Emergency contacts

During office hours:

Debbie Foy, ext. 31903, Room G01

Out of office hours:

Security: 32222

First aid

A First Aid box is kept in Room no. 107

During office hours:

Louise Hawksworth, ext. 36746, Room no. 107

Out of office hours:

Security: 32222

Using Visual Display Units (VDUs), e.g. PC monitors, laptops

A guide is displayed in each cluster room.

Lone Working

It is possible, albeit unlikely, that you may occasionally be alone in the facility. We ask that under these circumstances you call Security on 35494/35495 to advise them of this. Taking this precaution means that somebody knows that you are here if you were to fall ill or have an accident whilst alone in the building.

Problems and Issues

Students wishing to report any problems or issues arising in the facility should contact Debbie Foy by email at or on ext. 31903. 

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