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XVII EURALEX International Congress, 6th - 10th September 2016

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EURALEX is the leading professional association for people working in lexicography and related fields. It holds a major Congress every two years. XVII EURALEX International Congress (Congress website: was held on 6-10 September in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Dr. Sophiko Daraselia, a Postgraduate research student at School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at University of Leeds has presented a paper at the XVII EURALEX International Congress together with her PhD Supervisor Prof. Serge Sharoff. The title of the paper is “Enriching Georgian Dictionary Entries with Frequency Information”.

The paper discusses the integration of corpus analysis into the dictionary making process for Georgian language. It analyses the core vocabulary of Georgian and describes the development of dictionary wordlist of 10,000 headwords for Georgian learner’s dictionaries using a web-corpus of 180 million words that is a large corpus for Georgian collected from the Web from a range of websites to provide a reliable snapshot of the use of modern Georgian, writing the corpus-derived dictionary entries, and extracting dictionary examples from the corpus. The corpus-based approach we used in our research is more efficient and it gives strong empirical evidence. The dictionary entries compiled using the corpus analysis are more comprehensive and represent the modern Georgian language as it is used in everyday conversations, social media, journalism and for official purposes.

The paper was published in the International Journal of Lexicography, the leading international journal in this field, published by Oxford University Press (pp. 321-327). The XVII EURALEX International Congress publication is available here:

Sophiko Daraselia, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

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