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The American Comparative Literature Association 2017 Annual Meeting, Utrecht, 6th-9th July 2017

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To attend ACLA 2017 Annual Meeting has proven to be an excellent opportunity for me to introduce my doctoral project and discuss it with a group of peers and senior professors who have leading knowledges of literary food studies, a rising subject of literary criticism these days. The panel named “The Politics of Eating” gathered twelve scholars from cross-disciplinary backgrounds to explore the trope of eating from a variety of critical angels. In the three-day panel with twelve engaging papers, we had a full-blown discussion of many core topics ranging from eating disorder, religious eating and vegan fictions. My paper extended our discussion to a gendered critique of eating disorder and provided a close reading of body politics and transnational feminism through the acts of eating in Japanese American novelist Ruth Ozeki’s My Year of Meats, which aroused many positive feedbacks and suggestions towards the paper.

ACLA’s and Utrecht’s friendly and easy atmosphere not only enabled me to continue our discussions after each meeting but also expanded our visions by welcoming us to a variety of public events and panel discussions. Professor Trinh Minh-ha’s latest documentary “Forgetting Vietnam” was aired and brought the academia’s attention to forms of protests through everyday life. Professor Rey Chow delivered a keynote speech on Foucault’s perspective on racism, which is often neglected by the scholars. I also attended a pre-conference workshop “Publishing Your First Article,” in which editors from three distinguished academic journals attended and provided both general and individual suggestions for early career researchers to facilitate our publication. Many other panels on animal studies, archive anxiety and Chinese feminism suggested useful perspectives towards my doctoral project as well. Thus I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the generous financial supports from the Faculty of Arts to make this trip possible and comfortable in this stimulating and wonderful conference.

Jiachen Zhang, School of English

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