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Stand was founded in 1952 with £5 of Jon Silkin's redundancy money. The title of the magazine expressed its aim, to stand against injustice and oppression, and to make a stand for the role that the arts, poetry and fiction in particular, could play (should play) in that fight. -- Jon Glover, Managing Editor

Stand is a registered charity. Its aim is to publicise the best in new and established creative writing, and to introduce it to the widest possible readership.

Stand has published a wide array of internationally acclaimed writers including: Seamus Heaney, Wole Soyinka, Rabindranath Tagore, Samuel Beckett, Simon Armitage, Andrew Motion, Angela Carter, Peter Carey, Geoffrey Hill, Czeslaw Milosz, and Wislawa Szymborska. It also publishes creative prose writing and criticism including William Butler Yeats' Nobel Prize acceptance speech as well as Derek Walcott and Joseph Brodsky on form in poetry. Recent issues of Stand include the Short Fiction Special Issue and the Leeds Poets Special issue.

Stand is a quarterly literary magazine aimed at those specifically interested in new books, literature and creative writing. Our targeted readership is socially, economically and geographically diverse, but highly literate.

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