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Bloomsday Celebrations: James Joyce Talk

The Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester was delighted to host Georgina Binnie's talk entitled: 'I am getting on swimming in the photo business now’: James Joyce, Ulysses and the ‘Photo girl’.

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Intergenerational Theatre Production and Exhibition

Inspired by the School of English Writing Back Project, an exhibition of real letters followed by a scripted performance inspired by the letters, written and performed by an intergenerational cast. Starts at 6:00 pm.

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Staff profile

Julia Snell

Language variation and identity; variationist & interactional sociolinguistics; linguistic ethnography; regional/social dialectology; spoken discourse analysis; language ideologies.

Student profile

Nathan Ramsden

After taking a break from studying to be a teacher, Nathan has returned to academia to complete an MA in English Literature.