Intercultural studies

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Intercultural studies is a new and developing subject area within Languages, Cultures and Societies (LCS) which promotes an interdisciplinary approach to analysing social interaction at both micro and macro levels. The subject area has close links to activities across LCS, many of which encompass elements relevant to interculturality. In terms of degree programmes in intercultural studies, we offer a one-year full-time (or two-year part-time) Master’s degree programme: the MA Professional Language and Intercultural Studies (MAPLIS). This degree programme has close links with the Centre for Translation Studies for the professional language side of the MAPLIS degree
Other opportunities for engagement with intercultural studies are available at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate research (PGR) levels.  For UG students, two modules related to intercultural studies are available:

There are further opportunities across the University for exploring intercultural experiences. Students who join the Horizon Year Abroad also enrol on MODL 3150, ‘Intercultural Communication and Global Citizenship: A Critical Approach for the Horizon Year Abroad’.  Additionally, the International Student Office provides opportunities for gaining intercultural experience through participation on the Intercultural Ambassadors scheme.
A growing number of our MAPLIS students have gone on to pursue a research degree in LCS.  Postgraduate researchers interested in pursuing research with an intercultural focus are also encouraged to submit a research proposal through LCS PGR admissions.