Research Groups

Research Groups

Sadler Seminar Series 2017/18

Sir Michael Sadler (1861-1943) was a Leeds Vice Chancellor famed for his open mind, adventuresome tastes and commitment to research to the lasting benefit of the University’s art collection and much more. 

The idea behind the programme now bearing his name, is to support colleagues from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures who wish to pursue research questions that, to be answered well, require collaboration across disciplinary lines. 

Supported  by the LHRI, Sadler Seminars will run for a year, will typically feature between 2 and 5 seminars per semester and will be linked with funding for workshops, outreach/impact activities, grant-writing and administrative support.

In the scheme's third year, the LHRI is delighted to be supporting 13 projects.

Students as Scholars

In order to ensure that undergraduates benefit from the Faculty’s research culture, the LHRI collaborates with the Pro-Dean for Student Education to run the Students as Scholars scheme. The scheme is now in its fourth year, matching undergraduates with postgraduate mentors, and encouraging their engagement in the Faculty’s rich and diverse research culture through attendance at research events. Postgraduate mentors are on hand to discuss ideas, give confidence, and promote the benefits of being part of a research-intensive university.  

Further information on the scheme can be found here, or visit the scheme's blog on Tumblr and on the University Site.

Interdisciplinary Research Groups

The Faculty is also home to a large number of interdisciplinary groups of varying scope and scale. Their research is characterised by innovative and powerful projects that range widely by period, geography and theme. Groups include:

Centre for Comparative History of Print

Centre for History and Philosophy of Science

Centre for Medical Humanities

Centre for Metaphysics and Mind

Centre for Philosophy of Religion

Centre for Religion and Public Life

Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures

Centre for World Literatures

Digital Humanities

Eighteenth Century Studies Seminar

Enterprise and Cultures of Consumption

Environmental Humanities

Health, Medicine and Society

Identity Power and Protest

Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

Institute for Medieval Studies

Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam

Popular Cultures Research Group

White Rose East Asia Centre (WREAC)