LHRI Fellows

LHRI Fellows
The LHRI is proud to support an expanding community of Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows and Professors, whose stays last anywhere from one month to a year or longer.

Visitors are given office space, access to University libraries, computer facilities and introductions to pre-award team members who can assist with the preparation of funding applications.  


"I am leaving the University of Leeds and the Institute with great memories. From the director to the cleaning lady, everyone has been very friendly and helpful throughout my visit.

"Before this starts to sound like a hotel review for Trip Advisor, I have to say that I was by no means at the LHRI to enjoy myself. With its interdisciplinary outlook ready to welcome any good idea or question, LHRI is a great place to study, learn, conduct research, and exchange ideas especially if you are working across disciplines.

"In my case, different perspectives from top quality researchers from all around the world have added much to the research project I have been working on and, not to mention, to the publications I have made.

"LHRI is also a temple of seminars, talks, and conferences. Work in Progress seminar series, in which researchers present their findings and receive feedback from other fellows, have been immensely helpful for me. In addition, I can barely remember a day without coming across some high quality academic meeting or seminar in LHRI seminar halls.

"If you are planning to apply for a research fellow position where you can peacefully concentrate on your studies, use the vast resources University of Leeds offers, and get constructive feedback, you should either seriously consider LHRI and University of Leeds or, better still, stop searching now as you have found your place.”

Dr Berkan Ulu (TUBITAK Research Fellow, Turkey), Visiting Research Rellow at LHRI between July 2016 and July 2017.

Current Longer-term Postdoctoral Staff and Visitors

Dr Enrico Acciai, Marie Curie Fellow

Beth Armstrong, Research Assistant

Malika Booker, Visiting Fellow 

Dr Tim Boon, the Science Museum Group  (Cheney Fellow)

Dr Sean Dyde, Horizon 2020 Marie Curie European Fellow 

Dr Pietro DelcornoPostdoctoral Research Fellow 

Dr Husam Haj Omar, Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Bárbara Jiménez Pazos, Postdoctoral Researcher

Natalie Kopytko, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Susan Luckman, Visiting Cheney Fellow

Professor Trevor Pinch, Cornell University (Cheney Fellow)

Katherine Rawling, Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellow

Ryan Sweet, Wellcome Trust ISSF Early Career Fellow

Inés Soria-Turner, Research & Project Officer

Short-term LHRI Postdoctoral Fellows

Victoria Cooper

Pamela Crawford

Daniel Evans

Emily Ennis

Luca Antoniazzi

Beatrice Bretherton

Callum Duguid

Laura Sellers

Lenka Vrablikova

Jung Yoon Cho

Rachel Green

Yanling Yang

Valentina Ragni

Anthi Chrysanthou

LHRI Alumni

LHRI Alumni page for details of previous visitors.  

Project Teams  

ENHANCE is a ground-breaking innovative training network (ITN) funded by Marie Skłodowska Curie over four years, that is dedicated to further establishing the Environmental Humanities as a field of cutting-edge scholarship in Europe and further afield.

Made up of twelve international doctoral students based at four academic and research institutions and linked with five associated public partners - across Germany, Sweden and the UK - ENHANCE has been established in order to provide analytical, vocational and complementary skills to up-and-coming researchers. 

The Leeds team consists of: 

Anna Antonova, Research Fellow  

Jonathan Carruthers-Jones, Research Fellow

Arvid van Dam, Research Fellow 

Sarah Elizabeth Yoho, Research Fellow

The Men, Women and Care project is a European Research Council-funded project, led by Dr Jessica Meyer.

Alexia Moncrieff, Research Fellow

Eilis Boyle, PhD Student

Bethany Rowley, PhD Student

Associated Researchers

Charlotte Tomlinson, MA student

Joss Woodend, MA student