Sadler Seminars 2015/16

Sir Michael Sadler (1861-1943) was a Leeds Vice Chancellor famed for his open mind, adventuresome tastes and commitment to research, to the lasting benefit of the University’s art collection and much else. The basic idea behind the programme now bearing his name is to support colleagues who wish to pursue research questions that, to be answered well, require collaboration across disciplinary lines. Sadler Seminars will run for a year, based at the LHRI; they’ll feature ca. 2-5 seminar meetings per semester; and they’ll be linked with funding for workshops, postdocs, outreach/impact activities, and grant-writing support.

In the scheme's inaugural year, the LHRI supported the following projects:

- Cultures of the Book

- Performing Violence

- Leeds Voices: Communicating Superdiversity

- Flow: Supermarkets and the Movements of Food and People