Sadler Seminars 2016/17

Sir Michael Sadler (1861-1943) was a Leeds Vice Chancellor famed for his open mind, adventuresome tastes and commitment to research to the lasting benefit of the University’s art collection and much more. The idea behind the programme now bearing his name, is to support colleagues who wish to pursue research questions that, to be answered well, require collaboration across disciplinary lines. Supported  by the LHRI, Sadler Seminars will run for a year, will typically feature between 2 and 5 seminars per semester and will be linked with funding for workshops, outreach/impact activities, grant-writing and administrative support.

In the scheme's second year, the LHRI is delighted to be supporting the following 10 projects:

- Confronting Traumatic Pasts

- Remapping World Cinemas for the Digital Age

- Young Bilinguals and their Language of Schooling

- Who/What is a “Good”/”Bad” Migrant?

- What Are Years?

- Augmenting the Body: Disability, Bodily Extensions and the Posthuman

- Postcolonial Cultures of Corruption: Towards a Comparative Framework

- Schooling Islam: Criticality, Identity, Change

- A New Politics of the City: Philosophy of Action Meets Urban Studies

- Religions and Public Health: bridges and barriers to improving global health outcomes

Details of the projects supported in the inaugural 2015/16 series can be found here