Discovery Modules

The Institute runs undergraduate interdisciplinary discovery modules at all levels. Undergraduate students based in any School can build Medieval Studies undergraduate modules into their own undergraduate programme at levels 1, 2, and 3. For some students, our discovery modules complement their degree programmes, and, for others, they offer the opportunity to study a completely new area. Many students have found Medieval Studies discovery modules a useful and engaging way in which to build up expertise in the area with a view to embarking on postgraduate programme in Medieval Studies.

Medieval gold coin against stained glass window

The medieval discovery modules can be found in the Leeds for Life website under the the subject Medieval Studies. Our modules can be found as well under the themes Power and ConflictEthics, Religion and Law, and History and Society.

(If you are an incoming Year One student, you should only choose Level 1 modules. Level 3 modules are open to both Year Two and Year Three students.)

 Module Code  Module Title  Level
 MEDV1080 Religion and Culture in the Western Middle Ages  1
 MEDV1085 Medieval Narratives in the Modern World: Nationalism, Terrorism and Popular Culture  1
 MEDV1090 Introducing Medieval European Literature  1
 MEDV3310 Magic and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages  2 & 3
 MEDV3410 Visions of Ecstasy: Medieval Women Mystics and Their World  2 & 3
 MEDV3530 Conflict and War in the Late Middle Ages: Prevention, Execution and Rhetoric  2 & 3
 MEDV3610 The Age of Chivalry: The Idea of Knighthood in Medieval Europe, 1050-1450  2 & 3

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