Resources for Researchers

Box containing collection of medieval books

This list includes some of the value-added resources available for researchers at the University of Leeds and beyond. These resources are intended to help medievalists around the world connect with each other, to help shed light on just some of the vast amount of primary and secondary material pertaining to medieval studies, and to help scholars at the Institute for Medieval Studies find forums and venues for presenting and sharing their research. If you have any questions or concerns about this page, please contact Axel Müller.

Medieval Resources Online 

An annotated online resources list, organised by chronology, geography, and thematic strands. This list is frequently updated. If you find any errors, broken links, or have recommendations for additions to be made, please contact Axel Müller.

Medieval Calendar 

Calendars of conferences, symposiums, and seminars taking place in the field of medieval studies, within the United Kingdom and beyond. These lists is frequently maintained and updated. If you find any errors or have recommendations for additions to be made, please contact Axel Müller.

Medieval History Texts in Translation

A selection of medieval primary texts, translated into English. Almost all of the texts selected and edited for this project appear in English translation for the first time, and in some cases, the translation here is entirely new and has been made without reference to previous versions. If you have any queries please contact the editor, Professor Graham Loud.