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'Cruelty and Compassion'

Classics at Leeds would like to thank all speakers and delegates who participated in the 8th Annual Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Conference held on 19 June 2017 at the University of Leeds.

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Leeds Classics Research Seminar

Anna Reeve (PGR, Leeds), 'Following Object Itineraries: Recontextualising Ceramics from Classical Cyprus'. Starts at 5:00 pm.

Leeds Classics Research Seminar

Joanna Paul (Open), 'In Search of the Lost City: the Enduring Absence of Pompeii from Martial and Statius to the Present’. Starts at 5:00 pm.

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Staff profile

Rick Jones

Roman Archaeology and Urbanisation, especially Pompeii and Roman Britain.

Student profile

Lydia French

Second year student Lydia talks about her time at Leeds so far including hitchhiking to a festival in Croatia, studying the politics of Rome and her plans to study in Verona next year.