Philosophy Library Resources

Historic clock in the brotherton library

The Brotherton Library houses excellent research collections in Philosophy and in related subjects such as Theology.  We have books and journals covering all historical periods, from the ancient to the modern, and all strands of Philosophy.   Books published after 1850 are on our open shelves, while rare or older books and manuscripts are kept in our Special Collections section.  Most of our Philosophy journals are available online, and we are increasingly investing in e-books.  We make bibliographic databases such as Philosopher's Index available to enable literature searching.

Our interest in History and Philosophy of Science is supported by an excellent collection housed in the Edward Boyle Library, where all science and engineering subjects are shelved.  HPS staff and students are regular users of our Special Collections material, where large numbers of early editions of scientific books and the archives of many significant scientists and engineers are kept.  Most HPS and general science journals are available online, and bibliographic databases such as the History of Science, Technology and Medicine database allow you to identify journal articles on your topic.

There is a Faculty Team Librarian responsible for Philosophy (including HPS), who provides training, support and an enquiry service to our students.  See the Library's Philosophy, Religion and History of Science subject page for more details.