Why study Theology and Religious Studies?

Why pick this subject?

  • The study of religion is vital for understanding the world we live in. At Leeds we teach the full range of approaches to religion - and are particularly interested in why and how religion matters for public life.
  • Theology and Religious Studies is an exciting and challenging degree course that lets you engage with philosophy, social sciences, history, literature, languages and more.
  • You will be taught by enthusiastic staff who are leading researchers in their fields.
  • You can gain skills through fieldwork with local religious communities, group presentations, debating in seminars, and researching a dissertation.
  • You will have the chance to study abroad, through the Department's established links with universities overseas, or through University-wide schemes.
  • You will study the religions with empathy and a critical distance, alongside people of all faiths and none.
  • And you will live in a lively and diverse city, which is an ideal place to learn about what religion means today - and to enjoy all the other aspects of student life.

Watch our staff talking about the uniqueness of Theology and Religious Studies at Leeds.