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The University's Brotherton Library, with a stock of over 2.8 million printed books, over 2 million manuscripts, 250,000 electronic books, and direct access to over 9000 journals (half of these in electronic format), it is amongst the biggest research libraries in the UK, and has extensive resources in Theology and Religious Studies.

The Library's extensive research collections for Theology include access to the Holden collection, the Library of the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds, containing 15,000 books from 1522 to the present.

On our open shelves you will find wide ranging collections of printed works published from 1850 onwards.  Housed in the Brotherton Library's Special Collections are our fine sets of manuscripts, early printed works and archives, all ripe for exploration. 

Online you can access an array of primary source material, including early books, journals and newspapers, as well as digitised archival collections and official publications.  Much of the Library's long established journal collection is also available online, and our online indexes and search tools will help you to pinpoint key sources, both primary and secondary.

Library staff are on hand to provide training and support, but you can start your explorations online by taking a virtual tour of our Special Collections, or by visiting the Library's support page for Theology and Religious Studies.