Theology and Religious Studies videos

Watch some of our staff talk about Theology and Religious Studies at Leeds, including introducing three of our distinctive undergraduate programmes: BA Theology and Religious Studies, BA Religion, Politics and Society and BA Philosophy, Ethics and Religion. Some of our staff also talk about how their research feeds directly into exciting opportunities across a number of modules on all our courses.

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                                                                   Rachel Muers
Dr Rachel Muers, Head of Theology and Religious Studies, gives a brief introduction to the course. She talks about how the course not only gives you the chance to learn about religions, but also gives you the skills to think critically about religion and its place in contemporary world. 


MELANIE PRIDEAUXSenior Teaching Fellow Dr Mel Prideaux talks about the new interdisciplinary programme, BA Religion, Politics and Society, which includes modules from Theology and Religious Studies, Politics and Sociology.Mark Wynn

Professor Mark Wynn, programme manager for BA Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, talks about how the course works, and notes the breadth of staff expertise, and the opportunities to make connections between the three subject areas.





Dr Emma Tomalin discusses how her research interests in religion and international development and gender and religion feeds into her lectures for undergraduate students.  

 Adriaan Van Klinken
Dr Adriaan van Klinken talks about the opportunity to learn about religion in modern Africa. He explains how the modules are informed by his research on Pentecostalism and public life, and on religion, gender and sexuality in Africa. 

Sean McLoughlin

Dr Seán McLoughlin introduces his approach to research and teaching on contemporary Muslim culture, politics and society. He is especially interested in how Islamic practices, beliefs and identities are transformed when they move from Muslim-majority settings to UK minority contexts      

Jasjit Singh

Dr Jasjit Singh’s research focuses on how young British Sikhs learn about their culture and religion, and why they want to maintain their religion in contemporary British culture. His new module on Sikhism looks at the development of Sikhism and its encounter with contemporary issues in Britain.      

Mel Prideaux

Dr Mel Prideaux talks about how the course focuses on getting students to understand religion in public life. This includes fieldwork, engaging with different texts, and looking at how religion is seen in various neighborhoods in Leeds. 

Johanna Steinbert

Dr Johanna Stiebert talks about her teaching of the Hebrew Bible across all levels of the course. Her research focuses on the Hebrew Bible as a text in contemporary contexts, and her teaching explores both the ancient world that brought the Bible into being and the values and ideas of this world that made the Bible what it is today.                                          

Stefan Skrimshire

Dr Stefan Skrimshire introduces his teaching on the relationship between religious studies and political thought. He encourages students to think about the separation of the two areas and if that is desirable, for example Marxism and Christianity. His research looks at progress in history and its links to political beliefs and religious ideas.