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Our degree programmes provide intensive teaching of the Arabic language as well as courses on Middle Eastern history, politics, culture and religion. Our focus is on Modern Standard Arabic, which is the official written language used throughout the Arab World in virtually all formal circumstances (religious, political, commercial, literary, media, etc.) but also encourage and support the learning of dialects. We also lay emphasis on practical language skills, therefore students are taught to speak as well as write in Arabic.  

It's not all about Arabic; we also offer courses on Turkish and Persian,  the modern history of the Middle East, the Culture and Society in the Arab World, Islamic Theology, Islamic law, Qur'anic and Hadith studies, Middle East politics, Arabic literature and much more.

An important element of our language degrees is the second year which is spent at a language centre in an Arabic speaking country. You will visit either Morocco or Egypt where you will be immersed in the study of Arabic for up to four hours a day, five days a week. We oversee the curriculum and ensure that you are in a group of Leeds only students, contributing to a wonderful opportunity for you to make great leaps in your comprehension and use of the language.  

Single Honours

Arabic and Islamic Studies

Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies

Islamic Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Joint Honours 

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Part-time Certificate

The University’s Higher Education Certificate in Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (www.llc.leeds.ac.uk/courses/arabic-and-islamic-studies) offers an alternative route into our Single Honours degree programmes.  On completion successful students may progress onto level 2 of the BA Arabic and Islamic Studies, BA Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, BA Islamic Studies or BA Middle Eastern Studies.

Open days 2018

Our open days are a great way to explore campus and learn more about life at Leeds. The dates of our next open days will be announced soon but you can register your interest here

Independent visits and online communication

We understand that some applicants may, for very good reason, not be able to attend an Open Day or post-application visit (for example, if they are living abroad). If this is the case for you, we may be able organise an independent visit, or to answer your questions through an online chat. If you are interested in one of these options, please email Dr Sameh Hanna.

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