Research & Scholarship

As an interdisciplinary unit, the Department of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies has rich and diverse research culture, with colleagues working on a wide range of projects in Arabic linguistics, translation studies, Gender studies, Middle East history and politics, Arab media as well as the field of Islamic Studies. 

AIMES Staff Research Interests

AIMES Staff Publications

Visiting Scholar Opportunities

Reflecting this diverse research culture, Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies staff are involved in a range of research groups and centres, including:

Language, Literature and Translation Studies Research Group
The Centre for Translation Studies
Religion, Culture and Societies Research Group
World Literatures Research Group
Contemporary Democracy and Authoritarianism Group
Leeds Voices: Communicating Superdiversity in the Market
Water@Leeds (
Laz [Interesting Minority Language in Turkey] Study Group
Languages@Leeds Research Group
University of Leeds Academic Skills Network

Major research & scholarship projects departmental staff are/have recently been involved in include:

The Documentation and Ethnolinguistic Analysis of Modern South Arabian (
Leverhulme Trust funded Project
Principle Investigator: Professor Janet Watson
Project Duration: 42 months

Oman Mountains Project: The Compilation of an Encyclopaedic and Interdisciplinary Atlas of all Oman Mountains
Office of the Advisor to H.M. the Sultan for Economic Planning Affairs funded Project
Co-Investigator (leading linguistic entries): Professor Janet Watson
Project Duration: 5 years

From Over-Estimation to Under-Estimation: The Trajectory of Political Islam in 5 MENA Countries
Gerda Henkel Foundation funded Project
Co-Investigator: Dr Hendrik Kraetzschmar
Project Duration: 2011-2014

Natural Language Processing Working Together with Arabic and Islamic Studies
EPSRC funded Project
Project Leader: Professor James Dickins
Project Duration: 2013-2015

Media, Conflict and Democratisation Research Project (
EU FP-7 funded Project
Team Member: Dr Hendrik Kraetzschmar
Project Duration: 2014-2016

The British Council Arabic Language Teaching Research Project
British Council Funded Project
Principal Investigator: Professor James Dickins
The project is done with collaboration between the Universities of Leeds, Edinburgh and Goldsmith.
The University of Leeds memebers are Dr Rasha Soliman, Dr Ruba Khamam, Miss Melissa Towler, Dr Ahmed El-Gindy, Dr Hanem El-Farahaty, Dr  El Mustapha Lahlali, Dr Sameh Hanna Soliman, and Dr Samar El-Afandi.