Why study Arabic, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies?

If you choose to study Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Leeds you will be joining one of the most vibrant centres for the subject in the UK. Our department has consistently ranked very high on National Student Surveys (NSS) and its members of staff have published widely in the fields of Arabic language, translation, literature, politics, history and Islamic studies. Some of the most widely-used textbooks in Arabic language have been produced in-house by colleagues, including Dr Lahlali’s Advanced Media Arabic and How to Write in Arabic, as well as Professor Dickins’s Thinking Arabic Translation and Standard Arabic: An Advanced Course.

We currently offer a range of exciting Single and Joint Honours undergraduate degree programmes combining the study of Arabic with a range European/non-European languages or subject areas in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Business/Economics. We also offer an MA in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies as well as an MA in Arabic-English Translation.

What is unique about our degree programmes?

    1. All our language modules are taught by native and near-native ability tutors.
    2. All our Arabic language students will go on a Year Abroad in their second year of study. On their Year Abroad, students will be taught in Leeds-only classes and a Leeds-designed curriculum in an Arabic speaking country.
    3. We teach language in context, allowing you to not only immerse yourself in the Arabic language but learn more about the region’s rich and diverse culture, history, politics and religions.
    4. We offer a wide range of Middle Eastern Studies modules, including on the region’s history, politics, culture, society and art, which are being taught by experts in the field, drawing – amongst others – on their own research.
    5. Our Islamic Studies programmes provide a unique fusion of both classical Islamic thought and modern intellectual approaches. All lecturers have been trained both at leading UK universities as well as at traditional centres of learning in the Muslim world.

      What else we can offer you:

        1. Dedicated and enthusiastic teaching by top researchers and scholars in Arabic language, culture, history, society, politics and religion, with a wealth of opportunities to develop and explore your own interests.
        2. First-rate tuition by native speakers with a wealth of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language.
        3. An opportunity to study Arabic dialects on the Year Abroad.
        4. A strong track record in graduate employment. Recent statistics indicate that about 60-70% of our graduates find employment soon after completing their course. Our graduates have been employed in all kinds of professions, including journalism, teaching, law, management, translation, marketing, the security and NGO sectors, tourism, business and finance and public administration and policy.
        5. A friendly and inclusive atmosphere. With eight full-time members of staff alongside several part-time tutors and around 30-40 students in Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies each year, we are big enough to offer the range of modules you want, but small enough to know each of our students by name.
        6. An active, welcoming Middle Eastern Studies Society that organises regular social, sporting and cultural events.
        7. Fantastic facilities to support your study (including a brand-new state-of-the-art library) and leisure, and a vibrant city within walking distance of campus.

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