AIMES staff research interests


Fozia Bora
Lecturer in Middle Eastern History and Islamic History (
Research Interests: Arabic history and historiography; medieval Islamic institutions of learning; Islam and gender; history of the modern Middle East.

James Dickins
Professor of Arabic (
Research Interests: Arabic linguistics; Arabic language pedagogy; Arabic/English translation; Arabic dialectology (especially Sudanese Arabic); functionalist linguistics.

Hanem El-Farahaty
Lecturer in Arabic-English Translation and Interpreting (
Research Interests: Applied linguistics; comparative linguistics; English-Arabic translation; legal translation; critical discourse analysis; Egyptian Arabic.

Ahmed Elgindy
Teaching Fellow of Arabic & Translation (
Translation & interpreting studies; sociology of translation; English/Arabic translation, Arabic language pedagogy.

Sameh Hannah
Lecturer in Arabic Literature and Translation (
Research Interests: Arabic literature; translation studies; sociology of translation; Shakespeare in Arabic; theatre and literary translation; religious translation.

Tajul Islam
Lecturer in Islamic Studies (
Research Interests: Islamic theology; Qur’anic studies; Hadith studies; contemporary sectarian polemics.

Ruba Khamam
Lecturer in Arabic and Translation (
Research Interests: Arabic and English linguistics, applied linguistics, cross-cultural and Inter-cultural pragmatics, teaching and learning Arabic as a second language  and  English/Arabic/English translation.

Hendrik Kraetzschmar
Associate Professor in the Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa (
Research Interests: Authoritarianism and democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa, with focus on civil society, party and electoral politics.

El Mustapha Lahlali
Associate Professor in Arabic and Media (
Arab Media and Society; Discourse
Research Interests: analysis, classroom interaction and pedagogy; English/ Arabic stylistics and translation; Critical Discourse Analysis and Media texts; Political Discourse.

Abdul B Shaikh
Part Time Lecturer Arab and Islamic Civilization (
Research Interests: Arab and Islamic history and civilization; Abrahamic faiths, theology and philosophy; Judaism and Christianity.

Mustapha Sheikh
Lecturer in Islamic Studies (
Research Interests: Islamic legal theory and theology; Muslim reformist thought; Islamic Finance.

Rasha Soliman
Lecturer in Arabic Language (
Arabic applied linguistics; Arabic language pedagogy; Arabic diglossia; language variation and mutual intelligibility.

Janet Watson
Leadership Chair for Language at Leeds (
Research Interests: Documentation of Modern South Arabian languages; Arabic dialectology; phonology; morphology; acoustic and instrumental phonetics.