East Asian Studies at Leeds

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Here in East Asian Studies at Leeds you can study Chinese, Japanese or Thai, while gaining a firm understanding of the historical, cultural, political, social, religious and economic contexts in which these languages are spoken. You can focus on one subject area in more depth in a single honours course, or study two subject areas in a joint honours course. Joint honours courses can be studied entirely within East Asian Studies, or you can combine a subject offered by East Asian Studies with one of the many joint honours subjects available across the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, or with joint honours courses in other schools across the University. You will spend the second year of your degree studying abroad at a university in China, Japan or Thailand, before returning to Leeds to complete your degree in your third and fourth years. 

If you want to study Asia without incorporating language study, the BA Asia Pacific Studies is for you, with the BA Asia Pacific Studies (International) course offering you the opportunity to study on a Year Abroad in Asia.

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Chinese Studies

China's increasing prominence in world affairs is obvious to all, but how much do we really know about China with its rich history and complex emergence as a modern powerful nation? If you want to go beyond the stereotypes and learn more, our wide range of options within the courses listed below could well be what you are looking for. Or you could explore China's complex relationships with Japan and South East Asia and the implications of China's rise for regional and global politics.

BA Chinese (Modern) | BA Chinese and Japanese | BA Asia Pacific Studies and Chinese | BA Chinese and Thai Studies | Other BA Chinese Joint Honours

Japanese Studies

Japan is an economic powerhouse, world leader in technology, and an important player on the global stage. Its varied cultural landscape from manga cartoons to Zen Buddhism continues to fascinate. Our courses in Japanese allow you to focus not only on the language but also on Japan's economics, politics, society and its cultural expressions, or you may choose to put more emphasis on Japan's interaction with its neighbours across the Asia-Pacific region.

BA Japanese | BA Chinese and Japanese | BA Asia Pacific Studies and Japanese | Other BA Japanese Joint Honours

Thai Studies

Thailand has been one of the most dynamic countries in the world in recent decades in terms both of economic transformation and political change. Dramatic economic growth and associated social, political and environmental consequences have created an interesting array of opportunities for employment in education, language teaching, business, diplomacy, the non-governmental sector, human resource development, advocacy, research and so on. Our courses in Thai Studies at the University of Leeds are designed to help you to develop a wide range of linguistic and other skills. Visit the Thai Studies website.

BA Thai Studies | BA Chinese and Thai Studies | BA Asia Pacific Studies and Thai Studies | Other BA Thai Studies Joint Honours combinations

Asia Pacific Studies

Encompassing the countries of East and South East Asia, Pacific America and Oceania, and home to over a third of the world's population, the Asia-Pacific region is a region of great cultural, political and economic diversity. Flourishing economies, dynamic trade and spectacular megaprojects exist alongside increasing food insecurity and environmental degradation. Our programmes in Asia Pacific Studies offer you the opportunity to study this region and its composite nations from historical, economic, political, social and cultural perspectives.

BA Asia Pacific Studies

BA Asia Pacific Studies (International)

The single honours courses in Asia Pacific Studies is taught entirely in English. Students wishing to combine Asia Pacific Studies with a regional language should consider an Asia Pacific joint honours course.

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