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Not only does East Asian Studies at Leeds offer a range of Single and Joint Honours programmes relating to Asia that is probably unparalled in the UK, but within our programmes we usually offer a considerable range of options, enabling you to focus on areas of particular interest to you. This is how our undergraduate programmes are generally structured:

You will normally take 120 credits worth of modules each year. One credit represents approximately 10 hours of class and private study time over the course of the module. Most modules are worth 10 or 20 credits.

Our programmes are structured around core modules, i.e. those modules covering knowledge we feel you must have mastered to graduate with a degree in that subject area. In language programmes this will normally be the core language modules. In non-language programmes, the core modules cover those areas of study that we believe are central to an informed understanding of the region and disciplines being studied. You will often have to pass these core modules in order to proceed to the next level, or to graduate with Honours. There are usually up to 40 credits worth of core modules in each year.

You will also choose between a range of optional modules related to the language or region you are studying. How many of these you will do depends upon the level of study and the individual programme, but it will vary from 20 to 60 credits worth of modules. These modules enable you to focus on the areas which particularly interest you, and may include both language and studies modules, or modules that combine the two. Joint Honours students generally have a more restricted range of options owing to the need to accommodate the other half of their programme.

Students may then choose discovery modules*, which may be taken either within East Asian Studies, or in another subject area. Again the number of discovery modules you can take depends upon your level of study and programme. In some cases you may be able to choose up to 40 credits of discovery modules in a given year, but if you are on a Joint Honours programme you might not be able to take any electives in the upper levels because your credits are used up on core and optional modules.

The Year Abroad in all language programmes is taken at the end of Level 1. See the Study Abroad page for details.

*Discovery modules (previously known as electives) can be chosen from a huge range of offer across the University. They are grouped into ten Discovery Themes - including for example, 'Power and Conflict', 'Enterprise and Innovation' and 'Media, Culture and Creativity' - so that you can develop key areas of interest beyond your core subject. 

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