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A wide variety of career opportunities are open to the East Asian studies graduate. Previous graduates have gone onto jobs in interpreting and translating, journalism, tourism, administration, international banking, marketing, business, law, the media, the civil and diplomatic services etc. The Japanese government's scheme for recruiting graduates for teaching and international relations positions - the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) programme is another very popular destination for East Asian Studies graduates. There is a very high employment rate for modern languages graduates who have an important advantage when applying for a job, even in sectors unrelated to language. A survey revealed that students of modern languages are less likely to be out of work than graduates in subjects like business, engineering, and computing.

Studying an East Asian language equips you with skills, experience and a breadth of understanding which a wide range of employers increasingly find both interesting and valuable.

At the end of your studies you will have developed much sought after skills and expertise. Having spent a 'year abroad' will certainly be seen as very impressive on a CV!

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