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Student photograph, December 2011 – Anchang, Zhejiang province in China

student pic study abroad in shanghai

‘I feel that this photograph captures the peacefulness of rural village life, a stark contrast to life in Shanghai. You can see the elderly lady sat outside a tired looking building, pondering life. The entire village was almost derelict and abandoned as many of the inhabitants had left to find work in the big cities, only the elderly and their grandchildren remained. For me it shows a big part of China's culture of which many people know little about.’ - Simone, BA Chinese (Modern)

Laurence spent his year abroad at Kobe Gakuin University, read about his time in Japan here.

As part of the Chinese, Japanese, or Thai Single or Joint Honours degrees, you will normally spend your second year at a university in East or South East Asia where you follow language and studies courses organised for you.

Laura studied in Shanghai for her year abroad, read her story here.

This is a valuable opportunity to improve your language skills and to experience life in the society about which you have been studying. The year abroad strengthens your independence and also helps you to explore potential career possibilities and make contacts with employers in China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and other parts of East Asia.

Joint Honours student Michael spent two years studying abroad, read about about his time in Beijing here.

Spending a year studying in a foreign country requires a great deal of planning and thought, but the rewards are tremendous. Throughout your first year at Leeds, we hold a series of briefing sessions and help you prepare for what will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

Mary studied at Nanzan University in Japan, read her story here.

The pages in this section provide you with lots of information about the universities, and courses of the Year Abroad Programme.

Read Victoria's experience of studying at the International Christian University in Tokyo.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Mainland China/Taiwan
  3. Capital Normal University, Beijing
  4. Jiao Tong University, Shanghai
  5. Chengchi University, Taipei
  6. Japan
  7. Universities in Japan
  8. A Year in Japan: student logbook (Matthew Brown)
  9. Thailand
  10. A Year in Thailand: student logbook (Lucy Vachell)
  11. A Year in Thailand: student logbook (Jenny Robshaw)
  12. A year in Thailand: student logbook (Fiona Gliddon)