A selection of modules on offer 2017-18

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We are renowned for our innovative, task-based and highly practical approach to language learning, our state-of-the-art learning resources, and structure that is flexible. This allows you to add components to the language core that reflect your own interests, whether cultural, vocational, linguistic, historical or political. 

These are the modules offered by German at Leeds in 2017-18 (check for the full suite of modules)

Level 1

German Core Language 1

Approaching German Culture

Introduction to Modern Germany

Skills in German Translation

Level 2 

German Core Language 2 

Applied GermanLanguage

The Shock of the New: Culture and Power in Germany from the Second to the Third Reich

From Caligari to Hitler: Introduction to German Cinema

Politics, Society and Culture in the 'Berlin Republic' 

Victims and/or Perpetrators: Remembering the Second World War in Germany

Linguists into Schools

Level 3 

German Core Language 3 

Advanced Translation from German into English

German for Professional Purposes (the module that supports the German Business Student of the Year Competition.)

German Utopian Thought in Fiction and Film

Representing the Holocaust: Taboo and Regression

Screening Terrorism

Perpetrators and/or Victims? Remembering the Second World War in Germany

Final Year Project: Dissertation

Final Year Project: Extended Essay

Final Year Project: Translation

Final Year Project: Extended Translation

Final Year Project: Digital Documentary

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  4. A selection of modules on offer 2017-18
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