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What is 'employability'?

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In German at Leeds, your employability is at the heart of all of our teaching. 'Employability' isn't just about us teaching you language skills that you can use to get a job immediately after graduation; it's about you developing yourself into a flexible, life-long learner who can build an exciting career across any number of areas of employment. You never know where your degree in German may take you!

Of course, your degree at Leeds will teach you near-native German, a skill that gives you a crucial edge in today's competitive and international job market. But what we mean by employability is a wider, more transformative experience: the ongoing development of analytical, communicative, collaborative and creative skills throughout your degree. These highly sought-after skills are fundamental to undergraduate and postgraduate language study. We embed them in all of our modules, whether you're researching contemporary German hip-hop, translating an instruction manual or engaging in a debate about nineteenth-century theatre.

A number of our modules have a particular focus on applied skills, as follows: 

At Level 1, you can take 'IT for Language Students', designed to help students acquire or consolidate the IT skills necessary for language students in the 21st century. 

At Level 2, you can take 'Applied German', introducing you to translation and to the analysis of Fachsprachen.

You can also take 'Linguists into Schools', giving you hands-on experience teaching German in a local school.

During your year abroad, you develop your independence by working full-time as an intern, as a language assistant or as a student at a German university. The experience of living and working abroad is recognised by employers as one of the most competitive attributes of language students.

In Level 3, you discuss your year abroad with staff in a one-to-one debriefing session. This helps you articulate and reflect on the skills that you have developed during your Year Abroad.

The 'German for Professional Purposes' module focusses on entrepreneurship, and gives you the chance to compete in the 'German Student Entrepreneur of the Year' competition, where you deliver a professional marketing presentation.

Also at level 3, you can take 'Advanced Translation', developing your translation skills in a range of professional contexts.

Each year, a number of our students go on to the taught MA programmes in Advanced Translation and Interpreting offered by the Centre of Translation Studies.

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