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Italian at Leeds has over 200 undergraduate students and 14 full-time research and teaching members of staff, including seven lecturers, two teaching fellows and six postdoctoral research fellows. Italian at Leeds is also home to a large community of about 14 postgraduate students. The high ratio of staff members to students is a distinctive advantage in improving the quality of our students' experience and education. And this is confirmed by the outstanding performance of Italian at Leeds in the National Student Survey throughout  the years.  In the 2015 NSS,  Italian at Leeds has been ranked first among the Russell Group universities and comes third nationally for students' satisfaction with their course.

Study Italian language with our Beginners and Advanced Courses

We are proud to offer our students the chance to learn Italian literally from scratch, and we know from experience that they can achieve the highest results in a short time.

Our Beginners Course (BA Italian B) is specifically designed for students who had no previous contact with Italian language. It has an excellent record in student success, with ex-beginners able to live in Italy after only two years of study, and often gaining top marks in final-year language exams.

Our Advanced Course (BA Italian A) is specifically designed for students who have an As/A-level or equivalent in Italian.

All our students are taught in small groups by native speakers. The high number of contact hours (for beginners: 4 hours per week in 1st year, 3 hours per week in 2nd and 4th year) ensures steady progress in all language competences. Our language teaching is based on the Common European Framework of Reference, which is the most innovative language teaching guideline and provides language assessment criteria valid across Europe.

Choose your path in studying Italian culture

Our modules covers many aspects of Italian civilisation, from the Middle Ages to the present day, from popular culture and cinema to literature and fine arts. Our students can choose their own individual path through a wide array of study options within our advanced and beginners modules

The experience of a lifetime: your residence abroad in Italy

Our students benefit from immersion in Italian language and culture, reaching the highest level of language proficiency. Beyond language learning, both term and year abroad experience develops independence and adaptability to a different environment. Our students can choose among a wide array of opportunities ranging from work placement to study abroad. Read more about residence abroad


Adding a foreign language is a plus for employers. The experience of the year abroad offers students the opportunity to develop and enhance qualities that are highly valuable for employers, such as flexibility, autonomy and adaptability to new contexts. Through our courses and modules, students acquire a wide range of transferrable skills. Hence, our ex-beginners and advanced graduates go on to achieve success in a very wide range of fields. Read more about employability

Learn more about our students' experience

Eleanor and Mehram talk about studying Italian at the University of Leeds.

Our students are also given support in engaging with the latest developments in research into Italian through the innovative Students as Scholars programme. Read more about our students' experience

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