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Italian Research Seminar Series


23 October 2013

Discussion on Bianco e Nero. Storia dell'identità razziale degli italiani, by Gaia Giuliani and Cristina Lombardo-Diop (Florence: Le Monnier-Mondadori, 2013).

Seminar and presentation of the volume with co-author Gaia Giuliani and responses by Shona Hunter (White Spaces/Sociology) and Angelica Pesarini (Italian/Sociology, Leeds)

22 November 2013

Durham University, Postgraduate Training Day

'Italian Modernity: A Multidisciplinary Approach'

A Postgraduate Colloquium and Training Day organised by the Departments of Italian of the Universities of Durham, Leeds and Manchester, with the support of the Society for Italian Studies and Durham Italian Seminar

17 January 2014

'Self-reflection in Italian literature'

Workshop organised by Olivia Santovetti, Alessio Baldini and Cristina Rios (Italian), co-funded by Italian at SLCS and the Literary Studies Research Group.

Speakers: Alessio Baldini, Raffaele Donnarumma, Simona Micali, Federica Pich, Elena Porciani, Cristina Rios, Mara Santi, Olivia Santovetti, Cristina Savettieri, Gigliola Sulis.


2 November 2012

'Theory of the Novel. Literary History as Cultural Critique'

The event, organized by Italian at SLCS, in collaboration with French at SLCS and the School of English, is devoted to the study of the novel in a comparative and theoretical perspective, with particular reference to the fin de siècle. The study day at Leeds is part of the Seminar Series Polytheism and Imperfection: The morality and moral of the modern novel, organized by the University of Leeds, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the University of London - Royal Holloway, UCL.

Speakers: Prof. Guido Mazzoni  (University of Siena), Dr  Richard Hibbit (French at SLCS), Dr Denis Flannery (School of English), Dr Olivia Santovetti (Italian at SLCS), Dr Alessio Baldini (Italian at SLCS).

21 November 2012

'Rome Outside Rome: The Exportations of 19th-century Sacred Art to the Old and the New World'

Speaker: Giovanna Capitelli, Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Durham University, Associate Professor of History of Art at the University of Calabria

21 February 2013

'Voices in Disguise: Performing Female Identities in Early Modern Italian Poetry'


Abigail Brundin (Cambridge),‘Poetry “nell’atto di monacarsi” in Early Modern Italy: Poems For Girls, and Poems by Girls on the Convent Threshold’

Federica Pich (Leeds), ‘ “In Persona di”: Staging Female Voices in Early Modern Italian Poetry’

6 March 2013

Roundtable on Gender and Contemporary Italian Cinema


Danielle Hipkins (Exeter)

Catherine O'Rawe (Bristol)

Alan O'Leary (Leeds)

Chair: Denis Flannery (Leeds)

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