About Linguistics and Phonetics

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I’m not sure that I can pinpoint what makes me passionate about Linguistics but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been boring people with “why language is amazing!” and “just think how powerful language is!” (Nikita Clark, BA Linguistics and Phonetics)

As linguists and phoneticians, we want to systematically understand how human language works. Doing linguistics and phonetics means learning how to analyse the structure of language (for example grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary) and the physics of speech, and exploring how language is acquired, processed and employed by different people in different contexts. It means doing detailed analytical work on data drawn from languages across the world, including looking for similarities and differences across languages, with the aim of discovering the core characteristics of human language. Read on for programme information

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  1. About Linguistics and Phonetics
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  3. BA Linguistics and Phonetics
  4. BA English Language and Linguistics
  5. BA Linguistics and Philosophy
  6. BA Linguistics and a modern foreign language
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