BA Linguistics and Philosophy

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This joint honours course combines modules in Linguistics and Phonetics with modules run by philosophy experts in the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science. Linguistics modules exploring the structure, meaning and use of language are complemented by Philosophy modules which explore key questions concerning knowledge and belief, language and logic, reality and morality. you will learn how to think critically, construct written and verbal arguments and use relevant formalism. You will gain strong insights into how theories are constructed, and sound analytical skills. In your final year, you will plan, carry out and write up an original research project under expert supervision by a member of staff.

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Year Abroad or Year in Industry

When enrolled on the BA English Language and Linguistics, you will have the option to apply for a transfer to an International degree, with a year spent studying at one of a range of universities with which the University of Leeds has established links, or an Industrial degree, with a year's work placement organised through the University's Careers Centre. Both of these options convert your degree to a four-year course.

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