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Because linguistics and phonetics cover sub-disciplines that range from arts-oriented (discourse analysis, sociolinguistics) to formal theoretical (syntax, phonology) and science-oriented (psycholinguistics, phonetics), a degree from Leeds gives the opportunity to develop an unusually wide range of skills. Employers value our graduates' expert understanding of communication, as well as their ability to analyse quantitative and qualitative data, test alternative hypotheses, and use specialist technology to solve problems.

Events and opportunities

Moreover, during your time at Leeds we want to help you develop many skills over and above academic competence, so we provide as many opportunities as we can for you to try new things.

We offer the chance for all our students to be involved in shaping the future of Linguistics and Phonetics at Leeds, by becoming part of the student-run Student-Staff forum. The regular meetings involve students from each year group, as well as the Director of Linguistics and Phonetics and one other member of staff; it is here that students really have an opportunity to raise queries about the way their programmes of study are organised.

Since 2012 we have been running an annual undergraduate research conference, with students taking full responsibility for the organisation of the event. Students split into small committees to take care of different aspects of the conference, as well as each preparing a short presentation about a research article for the audience. This provides a valuable addition to your CV - not only for experience in presentation skills, but also in the hands-on organisation of the event itself.

Students who want to gain hands-on research experience to complement their core programme can do so through our own Research Experience Scheme, and a range of undergraduate research schemes offered in the Faculty of Arts.  

Skills support

In addition to the skills support you will receive from your personal tutor and Linguistics and Phonetics staff, as a student at Leeds you will also have access to professional skills support offered by the University Library, as well as to tailored support, including online resources and workshops, for students in the Faculty of Arts.

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