MA in Linguistics and English Language Teaching

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Linguistics MA students in classroom

The MA in Linguistics and English Language Teaching is an academic programme designed for language teachers and teachers-to-be who want to gain a deep understanding of language and language development as a basis for their teaching practice. The course emphasises a theoretical understanding of what language is, and how that might improve language teaching. Coursework includes modules in linguistics (in particular language acquisition, syntax, phonetics and phonology) as well as language teaching (focusing on language teaching methodologies and their application).

Students are allowed to choose option modules in the areas of language development and discourse studies. The programme also covers academic skills and research methods in the language sciences. Students are trained to carry out sound research and complete a final dissertation based on original work, under the guidance of a personal supervisor. Throughout the degree, students are encouraged to challenge the ways in which they have been taught to teach such that a more principled understanding of language is reflected in their teaching practice. The Masters degree is assessed by a combination of exams, coursework, and a dissertation.

Important facts

  • This is not a programme for those who require teacher training or classroom experience
  • No teaching experience is required as a prerequisite for the MA Linguistics and ELT
  • This is an academic programme that approaches issues in English language teaching and acquisition from the point of view of theoretical linguistics

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The programme at a glance

Sem 1
Approaches to Linguistics and Language Acquisition, Foundations of Syntax, Foundations of Phonetics and Phonology, Academic Skills in Linguistics
Sem 2
Methodology in Language Teaching, Language Teaching in Practice, Research Methods in Linguistics, option choice
Summer Dissertation

The current Semester 2 option choice is between Second Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Topics in Syntax and Topics in Phonetics and Phonology. Students can also audit a range of undergraduate modules, as well as selected modules offered by the School of Education. In Semester 1, students can audit the MA module Sociolinguistics.

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