Areas of expertise

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Child doing language experiment

We have particular research expertise in the following areas:

  • Language acquisition, including first language acquisition, second language acquisition, developmental pragmatics, and language teaching practices
  • Psycholinguistics, including sentence processing and experimental pragmatics
  • Discourse studies, including politeness theory, language and gender, language and power and interactional linguistics
  • Syntax and its interaction with information structure and morphology
  • Phonetics and phonology, including acoustic and instrumental phonetics, laboratory phonology and the study of spontaneous speech patterns

Our staff and research students are active members of the Language, Linguistics and Translation research group within the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, along with colleagues from the Centre for Translation Studies and several language departments. This group is itself part of the Language at Leeds research network, which draws together researchers in linguistics and language studies from across the University of Leeds.

We also participate in research groups with colleagues from the Universities of York and Sheffield, such as the White Rose Forum on Language Acquisition and the White Rose Language and Interaction group, as well as in other national and international research networks.

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