Institut Ramon Llull

The Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) is a public body founded with the purpose of promoting Catalan language studies at universities abroad, the translation of literature and thought written in Catalan, and Catalan cultural production in other areas like theatre, film, circus, dance, music, the visual arts, design and architecture.
To this end, the IRL offers support to over 140 centres all over the world where Catalan studies are present and where over 6,000 students take courses in Catalan language and culture. As the official body certifying linguistic competence in Catalan abroad, it organises examinations and awards certificates in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Moreover, the IRL facilitates dialogue and exchange between Catalan cultural producers and researchers, as well as promotes the circulation of Catalan-language materials, both nationally and internationally.
The Institute’s name pays homage to one of the most important names of Catalan literature. Ramon Llull (Majorca, 1232-1316) was a prolific and multi-faceted author who expressed his thoughts in Latin, Arabic and Catalan. He was one of the first writers to use the vernacular (the Catalan language, in his case) to discuss theological, philosophical and scientific subjects which were normally reserved for Latin, the language of learning.

The IRL and the Catalan Lectora’s office is located in Room LG.01, Lower Ground Floor, Michael Sadler Building (building number 78 on the campus map, available for download here), near the Univeristy’s main entrance.

Catalan Lectora
Montse Venrell-Ferré

Staff related to Catalan Studies
Angel Smith, Reader in Modern Spanish History
Richard Cleminson, Professor of Hispanic Studies
Duncan Wheeler, Associate Professor in Spanish Studies