About the Centre

The Centre is engaged in world leading research in aesthetics and the philosophy of art. It has a large membership of staff and PhD students with a lively programme of events every year including seminars, workshops and conferences.

Major recent funded projects include the ongoing Experimental Philosophical Aesthetics and Human Nature project, a Leverhulme Research Fellowship for ongoing work on creativity and the AHRC funded project ‘Method in Philosophical Aesthetics: the Challenge from the Sciences’, 2009 – 2013, run jointly with the University of Nottingham.

Recent major events range from workshops on Values and Concepts of Art (Sept. 2014) and Artworks and Authenticity (November 2014) to the Royal Institute of Philosophy annual conference, Philosophical Aesthetics and the Sciences of Art? (June 2012), sponsored in conjunction with the AHRC project held by Leeds and Nottingham.

Recent publications include the edited volumes Aesthetics and the Sciences of the Mind (Oxford University Press, 2014) and Philosophical Aesthetics and the Sciences of Art (Cambridge University Press 2014).

The Centre has been prominent in supporting visiting fellows who are internationally recognized scholars in the field such as Professor David Davies (McGill University), Dominic Lopes (UBC), James Shelley (Auburn) and Christy Mag Udhir (Houston) alongside then early career researchers such as Sam Liao (Nanyang) and Mark Phelan (Lawrence University).

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