Centre Member Expertise


Centre Members include (please click on name to find out about individual interests and expertise):

Víctor Durà-Vilà

Víctor's research focuses on Humean and Kantian aesthetics, authorial intention and interpretation, aesthetics experience, morality and art, dance and music.

Nick Jones

Nick has interests in the philosophy of humour, including the nature of humour, the relationship between humour and aesthetics, and the ethics of joke-telling.

Matthew Kieran

Matthew's current research concerns the philosophical psychology of creativity and character. His expertise includes inter-relations between art, morality, knowledge, the emotions and imagination.

Robin Le Poidevin

Robin's aesthetics interests include photographic representation, theories of fictional truth, and the representation of time in art, film and fiction.

Heather Logue

Heather's interest in aesthetics is focused on the intersection of aesthetics with philosophy of perception and epistemology.

Aaron Meskin

Aaron's research currently focuses on aesthetic adjectives, aesthetic judgement, cognitive value, experimental approaches to aesthetics, the imagination, and the popular arts (especially comics).

Mark Wynn

Mark’s interests include the relationship between religious thought and aesthetic experience, and the role of the arts in the transmission of religious traditions. With Tasia Scrutton, he has recently received funding from the Templeton Foundation for a project on 'mental suffering, the experience of beauty, and well being'. For more information, see: http://www.happinessandwellbeing.org/wynn

Current Ph.D. students who are working in aesthetics and members of the Centre include James Rimmer.

School members with interests in aesthetics who take part in seminars and/or do research in the area include Jamie Dow, Steven French, Ulrike Heuer, Gerald Lang, Tasia ScruttonMatthew Smith, Georgia Testa, and Pekka Vayrynen