Current Research

The Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building

Centre members are conducting research on a wide range of issues in metaethics (the semantics and metaphysics of ethics, practical reason), normative ethics (deontology and consequentialism), moral psychology (intentions, the self) and political philosophy (distributive justice, political authority).

This research activity is focused on foundational questions regarding the relationship between values and reasons and their relationship to questions about normativity, rationality and morality. This field of inquiry spans a wide range of issues in metaethics, normative ethics and political philosophy, including:

  • Analysis of normative and evaluative language
  • Normative grounding and explanation
  • Practical reasons and rationality (including connections to human action and intention, value and moral theory)
  • Paradoxes of deontology and the doctrine of double effect
  • Ethics of war and self-defense
  • Distributive justice
  • Political authority and obligation

Please consult the page on Centre Expertise for further details about the Centre members' current research interests.