Centre Member Expertise

CEM members who are members of permanent academic staff include:

Daniel Elstein

Daniel's research focuses on the  nature of moral judgement and how it is possible for moral claims to be justified. His other research interests are connected either to other applications of the expressivist machinery involved in this metaethical project or to the conclusions in normative ethics which seem to follow from it. 

Gerald Lang

Gerald has interests in practical reason and normativity, political philosophy (especially justice and liberty), the character and structure of consequentialism and non-consequentialism, moral luck, self-defence and war, and other life and death issues in applied ethics.

Pekka Väyrynen

Pekka works primarily in metaethics, focusing on issues in moral semantics, moral metaphysics and moral epistemology. He has written extensively on thick concepts and the generalism-particularism debate. The main focus of his current research is normative explanation and dependence.

Jack Woods

Jack's recent work focuses on a defense of a conventional approach to normativity which aims to account for the normativity of logic, epistemic normativity, and moral normativity alike. He has also written about expressivist accounts of moral judgment and language.

PhD students who work on moral or political philosophy and play an active role in CEM include: Pei-Lung ChenAdina CovaciDavid HeeringOlof LefflerBryan Ross, and Alison Toop.

Wider CEM members with interests in moral or political philosophy who take part in seminars include Jamie Dow, Carl FoxMatthew Kieran , Rob Lawlor, Christopher Megone, Joe SaundersGeorgia Testa, and Robbie Williams.