Centre Member Expertise

CEM members who are members of permanent academic staff include (please click on name to find out more about individual interests and expertise):

Ulrike Heuer

Ulrike works on the nature of practical reasons and rationality, and on a number of questions in normative ethics, e.g. the significance of intentions for the normative assessment of actions, the paradox of deontology, moral luck, and promissory obligation.

Gerald Lang

Gerald has interests in practical reason and normativity, political philosophy (especially justice and liberty), the character and structure of consequentialism and non-consequentialism, moral luck, self-defence and war, and other life and death issues in applied ethics.

Matthew Smith

Matthew's research focuses on issues in moral and political philosophy, such as the nature of political authority and the forms of reliance that permeate our lives, and in particular how theories of human action inform such issues.

Pekka Väyrynen

Pekka works primarily in metaethics, focusing on issues in moral semantics, moral metaphysics and moral epistemology, including normative explanation and dependence, thick concepts, and moral generalism and particularism.

Wider CEM members with interests in moral or political philosophy who take part in seminars include Jamie Dow, Daniel ElsteinMatthew Kieran , Rob Lawlor, Christopher MegoneAaron Meskin, and Georgia Testa.

PhD students who work on moral or political philosophy and play an active role in CEM include: John Baldari, Adina Covaci, Thomas Hancocks, Olof Leffler, John Parry, Bryan Ross, Alison Toop, and Marc Wilcox.