Centre Seminars and Events

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CEM hosts regular research seminars and events for members and visitors to discuss issues in moral and political philosophy.

Upcoming Events

In term time CEM holds a research seminar in which members of the moral and political philosophy community at Leeds and visitors from the world's top institutions in both the UK and abroad present their work in progress. These seminars are open to all interested parties. 

The current seminar schedule appears below. Further details (e.g. time and location) can be found on the Leeds Philosophy Events Calendar

Semester 2, 2017/18

Jan 31 Olof Leffler (Leeds): 'Instrumental Rationality, Normativity, and the Argument Against Particularistic Willing'

Feb 7 Massimo Renzo (KCL): 'Why Is Colonialism Wrong?'

Feb 14 Errol Lord (Pennsylvania): 'Normative Perception and Learning from the Imagination' [Joint seminar with Centre for Aesthetics]

Feb 21 David Heering (Leeds): 'Reasons, Rationality and Exercising Abilities Sub Par'

March 7 Michael Ridge (Edinburgh): 'Games and the Disguise of the Good' CANCELLED

April 25 Lea Ypi (LSE) [Joint seminar between CEM and the Political Theory and Cultural Values Group]

Past Events

In May 2016 CEM hosted the annual public Mangoletsi Lectures, by Rae Langton (Cambridge) on the theme of 'Doing and Undoing Things with Words'. In June 2014, CEM hosted a major international conference, 'The Moral Significance of Intentions', arising out of Ulrike Heuer's Intentions Project. In summer 2009, CEM organised a major international conference, Themes from the Ethics of Bernard Williams. A volume of articles based on papers at the conference, Luck, Value, and Commitment: Themes from the Ethics of Bernard Williams, edited by Ulrike Heuer and Gerald Lang, was published by Oxford University Press in 2012. 

In addition to the ongoing research seminar, CEM has also organized or supported numerous other workshops and conferences:

Love Etc. (September 2017)

Midsummer Philosophy Workshop (June 2017)

Animals and Death (September 2016)

Dimensions of Luck (June 2015) 

The Moral Significance of Intentions (Feb 2014)

Normative Disagreement (November 2012)

Intentions  (June 2012)

Theoretical and Practical Reasons  (June 2010)

Value Concepts  (March 2010)

Naturalism: Ethical and Metaphysical  (Sept 2009)

Deference and Responsibility (May 2009)

Reasons and Values (May 2008)