Collaboration and Impact

Collaborative Activities

The Centre members work closely with such other departmental research centres as Centre for Metaphysics and Mind and Centre for Aesthetics on areas of common interest, such as the metaphysics of ethics, the analysis of normative language, human agency and its relation to morality, and the nature of moral and aesthetic value and virtues. These collaborations occasionally result in joint workshops such as "Naturalism: Ethical and Metaphysical" and "Normative Disagreement" (see Events). There is also frequent collaboration at various levels with members of the applied ethics research group at IDEA-CETL (Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied – Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning).


Our work on reasons for action and moral psychology provides foundations for the work on good judgement, character and integrity done in IDEA-CETL. Jointly this work is making a large impact on ethics in the workplace through such activities (often co-produced with professional bodies) as consultancy on organizational ethics, development and delivery of codes of professional conduct and ethics templates, use of online materials to engage professionals in ethical reasoning and judgement and engagement with practitioners on integrity at work.