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Our international visitors, from postgraduates to full professors, participate fully in the life of the Leeds HPS Centre, for periods ranging from a few days to a few months. Recent visitors have included Dr Elena Aronova (UC San Diego), Dr Mauro Dorato (Rome), Dr Ximo Guillem-Llobat (Valencia), Dr Thierry Hoquet (Paris Nanterre), and Dr Gelson Liston (Universidade Estadual de Londrina).

If you would like to visit the Centre, please contact the Director, Dr Adrian Wilson.

For more about life as a visitor in the Centre for HPS, see 'A Visitor's Life: The Inside Scoop'.

Leeds Humanities Research Institute Short-Term Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Post-doctoral visitors wishing to visit the centre for a period of four weeks should note that the Leeds Humanities Research Institute has a programme of short-term post-doctoral fellowships, in partnership with the Brotherton Library and with the University of Leeds Research and Innovation Service. These fellowships are designed to enable early-career researchers to spend four weeks in Leeds either:

  • Carrying out research that makes use of Special Collections in the Brotherton Library; or
  • Carrying out research activities which develop the fellow’s ability to make strong applications to externally-funded post-doctoral positions at the University of Leeds (British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowships; Leverhulme Early-Career Fellowships; Marie Curie Actions; Newton Fellowships).

Each fellow is awarded up to £500 travel expenses and £2,000 living expenses while in Leeds.

For more details see the LHRI website

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