Welcome to the Centre for HPS

History and philosophy of science

History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) at Leeds is one of the foremost centres for the subject in Britain, with seven permanent and several fixed-term staff, and a large and international body of research postgraduates.

Research in the Centre ranges widely across the discipline, including many aspects of the history of modern science, technology, and medicine and of the philosophy of science.  With a critical mass of postgraduates, staff, and associates, individuals are thus able to set their specialized interests within a wider intellectual frame. 

In the philosophy of science and philosophy of physics, Leeds maintains a Gourmet Report ranking of joint 15th in the world for the latter and joint 24th for the former. It is now also ranked for the first time in philosophy of biology. Major areas of research include realism, (including structural realism), and the relationship between metaphysics and science. Future research plans focus on explanation, the role of mathematics in science and the inter-relationships between the philosophy of science and history of science and also the philosophy of art.

In the history of science, the integration of knowledge, practices and contexts is pursued through such topics as intellectual property in science and technology, electrical technologies, genetics, print communication in the sciences, and science and religion. Crucial support has been provided by the Centre’s Museum of History of Science, Technology and Medicine (HSTM), which has pursued research into the University’s scientific collections and mounted several exhibitions.

For more on the history of HPS at Leeds, see the account on Wikipedia and for all the latest news follow us on twitter @hpsleeds