HPS Work in Progress Seminar

2016-17 Semester 1

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Centre for History and Philosophy of Science

School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science, University of Leeds


2016-17, Semester 1

Baines wing G36, Tuesday 12 noon-1pm, followed by lunch in the PRHS Foyer

11th October           

Jorge Manero (Visiting Student, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) –Individuals in the Bohemian world

18th October

Joseph D Martin (Associate Professor, Michigan State University) -Rethinking Industrial Patronage of Academic Research in the Early Cold War

25th October

Rune Nyrup (PhD Student, University of Durham) -A Pursuitworthiness Account of Analogies in Science

1st November

Dr Juha Saatsi (Associate Professor, University of Leeds) - “Dynamical system’s theory and explanatory indispensability”

8th November

 Emily Herring (PhD student, University of Leeds) – Bergson and Biology: The Case of Julian Huxley

 15th November

 Dr Stella Butler (University Librarian)- ‘Hatch and dispatch: research resources for health and healthcare in Leeds 1766-1999’

22nd November

Jincheng Shi (PhD Student, University of Leeds) – ‘Pantheistic Uses of Science in Victorian Britain’

 29th November

Dr Kersten Hall (Honorary Fellow, University of Leeds) - 'Lifting the Lid on the Black Box: the case of Archer Martin, Richard Synge and the 1952 Nobel Prize'

 6th December

Nahuel Sznajderhaus (PhD student, University of Leeds) – Classical Factors in the Explanation of Quantum Chaos: A Scientific Realist Approach

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