HPS Work in Progress Seminar

2016-17 Semester 2

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HPS Work-in-Progress Seminar Series: Semester 2

Seminars are held in Baines Wing G.36 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm, followed by lunch in the PRHS Foyer 

All are on Tuesdays except Wednesday 31 May

All welcome!

For information, contact Sean Dyde S.Dyde1@leeds.ac.uk

24th January

Richard Bellis (PhD student, University of Leeds)

Making and Housing Anatomical Preparations at the Great Windmill Street School

31st January

Konstanin Kiprijanov (PhD Student, University of Leeds)

Epistemic versus Practical: Rethinking the History of Structural Formulae in Chemistry

7th February

Jon Topham (Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds)

Redrawing the Image of Science: Scientific Periodicals and the Illustration Revolution in Britain, 1815-40

14th February

Tim Boon (Science Museum)

Scripts, Performances, Monuments and Encounters: Manifesto for a Project on the Public Culture of Science

21st February

Nahuel Sznajderhaus (Newly-minted PhD, University of Leeds)

Forms of pluralisms within scientific realism and the interpretation of quantum mechanics

28th February

Laura Sellers (PhD Student, University of Leeds) and Mike Finn (Director of the Museum of the History of Science, Technology & Medicine)


7th March

John Turney (Visiting Research Fellow, University of Leeds)


14th March

Callum Duguid (PhD Student, University of Leeds)

Can the laws of nature explain what happens?

21st March

Graeme Gooday (Head of School, University of Leeds)

Patent Politics: of International Agents and Empires

25th Apri

Alan Mackintosh (Research Fellow, University of Leeds)

Perkins's Tractors, Animal Magnetism and the Touch of a Hanged Man's Hand: Achieving Success in Georgian Therapy

2nd May

Richard Forsyth (Honorary Fellow, University of Leeds)

Scorn Not the Spreadsheet: A Small Innovation useful in studying Large Innovations

9th May

Erika Hagelberg (Senior Cheney Fellow, University of Oslo) and Sonia Haoa Cardinali (Virginia Department of Historic Resources & Coordinator of National Monuments, Easter Island)

The Invention of Easter Island: the Rapanui people through the eyes of scientists.

Please, note: Lunch will be provided following this event to registered attendees. To register contact Sean Dyde S.Dyde1@leeds.ac.uk

16th May

Paul Coleman (PhD Student, University of Leeds)

Re-examining the Battersea Controversy

23rd May

Gonzalo Talavera Cebrejos (PhD student, University of Leeds)

Speech Disorders: Between Localisation and Holism in early Twentieth-Century Germany


Arthur Carlyle (PhD Student, University of Leeds)

A New Foundation for Animalism: A Division of Labour and the Need for a Scientific Metaphysics

6th June

Alex Aylward (PhD Student, University of Leeds)

How Fisher became Fisherian: The making of the Populational Gene

13th June

Greg Radick (Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Leeds)

Social Darwinism for the Twenty-First Century 

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