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About the Centre

The CMM aims to promote excellence in research in theoretical philosophy—including the philosophies of logic, language, epistemology, metaphysics and mind. It provides a focus for research activity in these areas at the University of Leeds, through supporting visiting speakers, workshops and conferences. We have particular strengths in metaphysics, in the foundations of free will and action, and in the philosophy of logic and language, but as well as these research groupings, we support individual research excellence in any area within our broad remit.

In metaphysics, Leeds is ranked joint 2nd in the UK and joint 10th in the world in the Philosophical Gourmet Report. It is now also ranked for the first time in philosophy of mathematics (with connections to HPS). Philosophy of logic, language, and mathematics are emerging areas of strength with Leeds ranked in Philosophy of Language for the first time as joint 21st in the world and joint 4th in the UK in the Gourmet Report.
A major AHRC award (‘Metaphysical Indeterminacy’) has funded a number of distinguished visitors (including Matti Eklund, Kit Fine, John Hawthorne, Katherine Hawley, Agustin Rayo and Ted Sider), as well as an extended series of 6 workshops over 3 years, culminating in a major international conference in December 2013 (with speakers that included Tom Dougherty, Delia Graff Fara, Agustin Rayo and Miriam Schoenfeld). Other major workshops and conferences include ‘Metaphysics of Theism’ (2009), ‘Knowledge and Agency’ (2010; held jointly with the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, Oslo), ‘Actions as Processes’ (2011), and ‘The History of Necessity’ (Spring 2012).  A major international conference on the work of Dummett was also co-hosted with the School of Mathematics in 2013 (with speakers including Imogen Dickie, Ian Rumfitt and Crispin Wright).
The Centre has recently attracted a major ERC award (‘The Nature of Representation’) which funds two postdoctoral fellows, two PhD students, and a programme of international visitors (including Liz Camp, Harty Field, Wolfgang Schwarz and others) as well as a series of workshops.
Future workshops include one bringing together Early Career Researchers in the philosophy of language in early 2014, another on ‘The Motivations for Naïve Realism’ and, later in the year, a major conference on probability and modality.

The CMM hosts a weekly research seminar which each week features cutting-edge work in contemporary philosophy. Speakers include faculty and postgraduate students working at Leeds, as well as UK and international visitors. Details of these events can be found by following the links above.


Centre director

The Director of the Centre is Jason Turner

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