Study Philosophy, Ethics and Religion at Leeds

We are now recruiting for the BA Philosophy, Ethics and Religion - drawing on Leeds' world-class research in philosophy of religion, and exploring the breadth of both philosophy and religious studies.

The School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science has launched a distinctive new degree programme that draws on our wealth of research and teaching expertise in philosophy and religion. 

Applications are open now for the BA in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, which begins in autumn 2013. It will feature modules taught by staff from across the School, including the six staff who will form the core of the new Centre for the Philosophy of Religion. Students will be introduced to key concepts, figures and approaches in philosophy, ethics, theology and the study of religion, and will have the opportunity to take specialist courses connected to the School's world-class research.

Dr Rachel Muers, Deputy Head of School for Theology and Religious Studies, said "This is an exciting new opportunity for us as a School and for our future students. There are very few places in the country where you will find such a concentration of world-class expertise in different approaches to philosophy of religion, alongside such a breadth of other subjects, all available in one degree programme. It'll be a challenging programme that we hope will also be really enjoyable and enriching for our students".

More information about the BA in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion.