Leeds International Summer School (LISS)

Experience four fantastic weeks of British education and culture, combined with world-class tuition, module field trips, cultural excursions and a varied social programme.

As part of the summer school, you won’t just stay in the local area - also included is a two-night trip to either London or Oxford as well as various day trips and module excursions around the north of England. LISS also has a packed evening and weekend social programme where you can get to know your fellow LISS students as well as exploring Leeds and immersing yourself in British culture.

The Summer School runs for four weeks and comprises two 2-week blocks, running consecutively. Each 2-week module is worth 10 Leeds credits so by completing the four-week programme you will receive 20 Leeds credits (6 US or 10 ECTS overall).

Applications for the 2015 Summer School are now open. Get started at http://www.leeds.ac.uk/summer