The International Medieval Congress: 5-9 July 2015

IMC 2015

The International Medieval Congress, organised by the Institute for Medieval Studies, is an annual event attended by over 2000 medievalists from around the world. This year's IMC takes place 5-9 July.

As the largest conference of its kind in Europe, this year's IMC will be attended by over 2,300 medievalists from all over the world, with over 1,800 individual papers and 650 academic sessions and a wide range of concerts, performances, readings, round tables, excursions, bookfair and associated events. It is Europe's largest annual gathering in the humanities.

This year’s special focus on 'Reform & Renewal' encompasses the 800th anniversaries of the Magna Carta and the Fourth Lateran Council, and goes much further in investigating many aspects of reform and renewal in and of the Middle Ages. In total, we have 220 sessions and round table discussions on the special thematic strand, including secular and religious, spatial and ritual reform, dissidence, cross-cultural perspectives, medieval historiographers’ views on reform as well as post-medieval perspectives on reform, artistic and literary expressions of reform, and reforming of knowledge. The thematic strand was co-ordinated and curated with the vital help of Prof. Steven Vanderputten (Vakgroep Geschiedenis, Universiteit Gent). Beyond the focus on 'Reform & Renewal', we are delighted to bring together a further 433 sessions dealing with many other aspects of Medieval Studies.

For notes on this year's keynote speeches, special round-table sessions, special events and excursions, please see the Director's Note

The full programme can be viewed through this link.

As in previous years, we have planned a series of public IMC events and excursions for the general public, featuring an exciting and unique mix of performances and practical workshops, as well as exploratory and exclusive excursions to sites of historical interest. Please see the Public Events page for our full schedule, prices, and event information.

New for 2015, a special poster session will take place with presentations from the University of Leeds, University of York, and University of Sheffield. Posters will be on display throughout the Congress week and there will be poster presentations on Tuesday,7 July, between 18:00 and 20:00. During this time, IMC delegates are invited to view the posters and will be given the opportunity to network with the presenters. Full information and list of participants will be available shortly.

The University of Leeds Online Store for registering for the IMC 2015 is open until 30 June 2015. Please see the Registration & Payments page for more information.

For full information on the International Medieval Congress, including travel, accommodation, meals, IMC Bookfair, and Medieval Craft Fair among others, please see our Website.

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