Tandem@Leeds, run by the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, is a 1-to-1 language learning opportunity.

Tandem@Leeds offers the chance for 2 students who are learning each other’s language to help each other to improve their language skills and develop a better understanding of each other’s culture.

For example, if you’re a native speaker or fluent speaker of German and you want to improve your English, you can be matched with a student who speaks English and wants to improve their German.   Ideally, you would have some knowledge of the language that you are looking to improve upon.

For more information on taking part in this language learning opportunity, please refer to the Language Zone website or download the application pack available here.  

Tandem@Leeds Partner

Tandem@Leeds Partners is for students who are not learning a language but are interested in meeting new friends and learning about other cultures and are willing to be a Tandem Partner.

To apply to become a Tandem@Leeds Partner, please download the application pack available here.

Applications close 4pm, Friday 27th January 2017 and are open to current 2016-2017 University of Leeds students.