New vacancies for IDEA Centre staff

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We are offering five new posts for staff at the IDEA Centre, to join our team in making a major impact through innovation in ethics learning, teaching, research and consultancy.

We are looking for academics with a strong grounding in ethics, with a commitment to fostering the development of ethical understanding and reasoning skills inside and outside academia.

Four of the positions can be found below: 

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship) in Applied and Interdisciplinary Ethics (3 posts) - Fixed term positions

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship) and Digital Education Specialist in Applied and Interdisciplinary Ethics - Permanent position

The IDEA Centre also now has a vacancy for a Lecturer (T&S) and Consultant in Applied Ethics, a role for a philosopher with interests in applied ethics, and skills both in student education and in external consultancy - i.e. in delivering philosophically-informed ethics advisory services and ethics training to businesses, professional bodies and other organisations. Given the late timing with which the vacancy has arisen, the term for this role is initially 1 year.* Candidates for the roles of "Lecturer (T&S) in Applied Ethics" and "Lecturer (T&S) in Applied Ethics and Digital Learning Specialist" may, if they are willing, be considered for the role of Lecturer and Consultant. Applicants are invited simply to indicate on their application whether they wish to be considered for this role, as well as for those for which they are formally applying.

The deadline for all vacancies is Saturday 14th July. 

For further queries about the post, please contact our team:

Dr Jamie Dow, Director, IDEA Centre

Tel: +44 (0)113 343 37887, email:

Dr Carl Fox, Director of Student Education, IDEA Centre

Tel: +44 (0)113 343 38990, email:

Kathryn Blythe, Manager, IDEA Centre

Tel: +44 (0)113 343 37796, email: